Monday, April 23, 2012


A week before he arrived, I was so wound up with anticipation and excitement I could hardly fall asleep at night.  It had been just over three months since I saw him last and I was practically bursting at the seams of my sanity waiting for him to get here.  

In my mind, I imagined a certain scenario would play out the second I saw him exiting the airport terminal, you know, the type of scenario that involved a dramatic and embarrassing public display of affection (maybe I watch too many chick flicks).  Instead our reaction was true and natural, tight hugs and beaming smiles were exchanged and it felt incredibly normal to have him right by my side again.           

I took the week off from work and loosely planned each day out, leaving an uncharacteristic amount of room for spontaneity. 

We hiked Dragon's Back and wandered through Sai Kung and Stanley Market.

Visited The Peak and "took the road less traveled" when we discovered a fork in the path (see the stairs?) The stairs lead us up the side of the mountain and to Victoria Peak Garden.

 We stumbled upon the most stunning view Hong Kong has to offer and follow a narrow path called "The Governor's Walk" without having a clue where it would lead us.  The garden was simply magical and the mystery of not knowing where we were was thrilling (we later found out Victoria Peak Garden was the summer home of the Governor or Hong Kong). 

In honor of my birthday, we celebrated with an Italian dinner, champagne, chocolate cake, a fabulous rooftop bar and late night cigars (after a few puffs I opted out of the cigar).  I was in such good company and enjoyed the extra twelve hours added onto my birthday.  Thanks to the time difference I received happy birthday wishes well into the 12th (which was fine by me being the celebraholic I am).

Breakfast, bloody marys and a boat trip followed the next day.

Kevin jumped in despite my advice not to and I expect he'll come down with some strange illness soon.

For the last leg of the trip, we flew two hours north to Shanghai to give Kevin a taste of the mainland.

Took on the role of tourists and strolled through YuYuan Garden.

Scored Formula One tickets (thanks Dow) and got a full education in the subculture of race car driving.  Afterwards, we made the most of a rainy afternoon in Shanghai by dodging in and out of crowded shopping malls and thoroughly enjoying one another's company.

Had an unforgettable night out on the town that consisted of amazing views, classy drinks, The Waldorf and a jazz club called JZ.

We all left the airport flying in difference directions.

As my plane landed in Hong Kong, I felt a surprising sense of relief to be back.  I realized in that moment, while feeling a sad and empty emotional hangover from the goodness of the week, that Hong Kong has become my home.  And it was so good to share my home with someone I love.      

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