Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Photo Challenge

This is my friend Ali.  

She's one of my favorite people on this earth.  

We met in college and were in the same sorority.  We both lived in the same dorm, held the same positions in the sorority, are (not past tense) baby/mama, own cannon rebels, and love, love blogs.  Once we had a forty-five minute discussion about all the different blogs we follow/ read when we actually should be working.  Here are a few of our favorites: hollywood housewife, positively present, Shauna Niequist, green wedding shoes, and the daybook

The other day I came across this blog and immediately emailed Ali.  For those of you that don't know, Ali has this blog.  It's awesome.  I asked if she wanted to join me in a "September Challenge" and she agreed (it's about time for another challenge huh?)

SO. A 30 day challenge.  One picture per day for the month of September.  Each day has a different photo assigned to it and we will post the pictures on our blogs as we go.  Ali and I each came up with fifteen different ideas and the list is as follows:

Day 1: favorite item at home
Day 2: what you were doing at 7:23pm
Day 3: something outside
Day 4: landscape 
Day 5: something that makes you laugh
Day 6: best part of daily routine 
Day 7: something close-up
Day 8: what you read
Day 9: what you ate for breakfast
Day 10:an awkward/uncomfortable encounter 
Day 11: someone you love
Day 12: something that surprised you
Day 13: something you cooked/baked 
Day 14: your family
Day 15: self portrait 
Day 16: a sunset
Day 17: something adventurous you did
Day 18: something in nature
Day 19: something fun at work
Day 20: a place you spend a lot of time
Day 21: something you made
Day 22: something in motion
Day 23: something with a good story behind it
Day 24: something beautiful 
Day 25: an animal 
Day 26: a bad habit 
Day 27: inside your purse 
Day 28: what you wore on your feet
Day 29: modeling your favorite outfit
Day 30: something you can't live without 

Join us! This will be so much fun.  

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