Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Australia, I love you

I got the opportunity to spend a few days in Australia with my dad over Chinese New Year, he goes to the Australian Open every year for business so I joined him in Melbourne for a few days for a short vacation!

My dad and I shopped and explored all the side streets and arcades of downtown Melbourne the first day I was there.  We came across this small Italian restaurant and had delicious pasta for lunch.  

Highlight of the trip for sure!

Got there early enough to watch Federer practice before the other athletes where scheduled to play.

The view from our seats (!!!)

Sharapova vs Lisicki.  Watching tennis live was such a different experience than watching it on TV, these athletes are so impressive.  Sharapova won but it was close!

The cheering section, if you watch the Australian open you know what I'm referring to!

Djokavic vs Hewitt. SO much fun to watch. I think everyone in the stadium was rooting for Hewitt (Australian loyalty) and he definitely put up a good fight, but Djokavic won (because he's just so damn good).

Sunshine and blue skies and green leaves

Dad and I got lost trying to find the zoo, so this is Dad's victory shot when we finally found it..  and then we got lost in the zoo.  I now know where I get my poor sense of direction.

SO excited that we got to see a platypus (btw, I just noticed the sign: platypusary? Really?)

Kangaroo mama and baby.

I just love the way summer nights glow.

Gelato mmmmmm

Dad makes friends with everyone and on this night he decided to befriend an angry Italian man who was yelling at pedestrians as they walked by, asking them why they wouldn't come eat at his restaurant.  Because sir, you're crazy. I took this picture right before my dad decided to involve me in the conversation in which crazy angry man listed off all the ingredients in his marinara sauce.  Awesome.

Quickest trip I've ever taken to another country, I'm so lucky I get to travel with my dad while I'm out here on this side of the world.  

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