Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life in Instagram


1. My desk (plus Skype, and Starbucks): My life has revolved around work over the past few weeks, the days have been long but the week always seems to fly by.  I finally am settled into my job.  I no longer feel like the "intern" but a valued employee.  This past week I realized how much I'm actually learning out here: about public relations and managing accounts, working under pressure and delivering on time, social media and all things twitter/facebook/blogosphere.  I finally know exactly how Google works (yes, it's taken me this long) and I could tell you all about SEOs and SEMs (and which to recommend given the client's current needs).   

Besides work, I am learning a lot about myself, about my friendships and about God.  I’m learning about who I am, about my natural tendencies, insecurities and attitude.  I’m learning about what it takes to be connected with another person when thousands of miles (roughly 7,900 to be exact) separate me from the ones I love. I’m learning about God, about His role in this adventure and in my life overall.  

Overwhelming? Yes.  Good for me? Absolutely.  This experience is challenging me and shaping me and molding me and teaching me. 

2. Happy hour(s): Ever since entering the working world, I’ve realized the importance of happy hours.  No, not for the head buzz and fancy drinks- though they do come with the territory- happy hour is important to me because of the relationships established outside of the office.  I crave the social interaction and enjoy getting to know my co-workers better.
The photos above are from two celebrations.  The first, on the left, was from the night we celebrated the success of the Zee Cine Awards.  Although the event took place nearly a month ago, it gave some of my favorite co-workers and I a reason to go out together.  We sipped on colorful drinks, ate two rounds of delicious appetizers and spent the majority of the night asking and answering silly and serious questions. 

The second photo, on the right, is from the night we celebrated the end of Social Media Week here in Hong Kong.  Two of my co-workers and I attended the closing party, drank lots of champagne and mingled with the Social Media Week in-crowd.  I managed to get a table of strangers to play highs and lows with me, which proves to be more interesting with a group you don’t know.  It was so fun.

3. Kevin surprised me on Valentine's Day:  He had me shaking and almost in tears, that’s how surprised I was.  We hadn’t even discussed Valentine’s Day.  The morning of the 14th I woke up and wondered if Kevin had secretly planned on sending me flowers or a gift, but the only suspicious thing he had done in the past few weeks was ask for my cell phone number- which really wasn’t that suspicious since we were planning his trip to Hong Kong at the time and his work probably needed it anyway. So I quickly brushed that thought aside, disappointed I had let my hopes up.  Then, around 10:15 am I got two calls from a persistent man who didn’t speak English.  After the second time I hung up on him, my stomach began to do somersaults and I emailed Kevin:
Me: Hey babe why did you need my Hong Kong number? Some Chinese guy called twice and I guess since it’s Valentine’s Day I’m wondering if it has anything to do with you?

Kevin: He might have something to do with me.

I freaked out and had one of my friends in the office call the man back.  She translated and asked me if someone would be home at 7 pm for a flower delivery and I told her to tell him YES.  I was giddy for the rest of the day and practically ran home to receive these beautiful flowers from my sneaky- yet thoughtful- boyfriend.

4. My dad's company's spring dinner was on Friday night and I got to tag along:  The theme of  the dinner was Indian Jones, which included a traditional Cantonese meal and a program that kept us entertained all night.
The photo in the top left was taken during the opening act.  It seemed as though some of the theme was lost in translation during the dance because the man dressed in the cowboy attire was being fought over by the three belly dancers on stage.  My dad’s co-worker sitting next to me leaned into the table and asked: what Indiana Jones movie where they watching?  I was relieved I wasn’t the only one confused. 

Top right: I got to see my dad in his prime on Friday night.  For the majority of my life I had no idea what my dad did- and now that I’m at an age when I can understand and appreciate all that he has done for his company- I am proud daughter.  He’s a super star, what can I say.

Bottom left: My dad is also a goof ball and I never thought I would see that transfer over to his work life.  Yet here he is.  The slide show took place during the dinner.  It told a story of “Indiana Pat” (I know.) searching for a hidden treasure.  His facial expressions throughout the story were absurd- this one in particular!

Bottom right: My name tag.  I was the only non-employee at the event and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.  However, it didn’t seem to matter since my dad basically introduced me to everyone in the room by the end of the night.  He was so
happy to have me there.
Last photo: Me and my dad and my fabulous (new) dress.  So thankful I documented the night and even more thankful I g
ot to experience it with my dad!

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  1. Miss you Casey! Thanks for updating and filling us in on life in Hong Kong! Sounds like you have had some wonderful experiences so far with many more to come! I am praying for you and thinking about you!

    PS: What a wonderful boyfriend you have to send you beautiful flowers! I am impressed!

    Laura Klaasen