Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 12: something that surprised you

A few surprises to this day:
1. It was a beautiful 83 degree day.  I keep thinking, "this will be the last nice day before fall" but then another hot and sunny day comes along.
2. I went into Grand Rapids after work to see Kevin (spontaneous decision).
3. I suggested we exercise (%$*#?!) 
4. And we kept going for TEN MILES.  Ten.  Kevin casually mentioned he wanted to go for a long run- told me ten miles.  But I didn't realize he was serious until he secured his gps watch and packed energy gel into his little fanny pack/ water carrier.  An hour and twenty five minutes later I finished a half a block behind him (on rollerblades).

Check out what Ali is doing with her challenge.

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